How to transition to a Virtual Workplace
during the COVID-19 pandemic 

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With Dean Saunders
CEO, Founder at eCreators

2020 is going to be long remembered and permanently marked in our history.

A major disruption to how we operate, function and simply get by as global citizens. Our education sector has been highly impacted and we are currently assisting organisations across the globe in transferring their training online.

In many organisations, there is confusion.
But by sharing knowledge, and extending helping hands - we will overcome this together as a community.

And this Webinar is a great place to start :)


In this free webinar, we'll be addressing the vital questions about moving training online, plus a Q&A session with eCreators CEO, Dean Saunders.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

Where do I start?

Running virtual classes 

Free learning apps 

Getting my students online with an LMS 

Staying up to date and in touch - Communications

Getting my content converted to online 

Interfacing with other applications in the virtual workplace 

Come join us in what will be an informative and interactive session.