New off the shelf course library available!

Keen to start your own online learning business? Come and get access to the hundreds of courses we

Many of customers have been asking us for more content which we love. It means more people learning, which is what we’re all about. We’ve taken some time on this which has allowed us to create a library of content and a selection of courses from Australia’s leading RTO’s and content providers. Historically, our content has always been for Moodle, but, due to the technologies available to us, we can now make our massive library available to any customer on any LMS. Here’s a couple of the options we’re now offering.

  1. Host content on your LMS for internal use only.

This offering is designed for organisations that just want to host content for internal use. Generally, its compliance or safety type courses. It could even be accompanying your own content.

2. Sell your courses online.

Yep. You heard it right. Your very own elearning company can be up and running in about 3 minutes. We host and brand your site for you, and you sell your courses to your customers. Choose the courses you want to sell and choose the market you want to sell them too. Money while you sleep!

We have a massive library that we’re currently adding to. So, if you’re an RTO and you have some quality content you want to reach 1M+ learners, let’s have a call! We have content suitable for all businesses and industries. You can build your own today!


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