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  • How To Use Moodle To Create Awesome Online Courses

    With e-learning growing at unprecedented rates, many organisations and businesses are looking to harness its power to build or bolster their online training programs and courses.

  • Why You Need To Know About Blended eLearning

    There are many approaches to teaching your students. Many schools and organisations have become heavily reliant on instructor-led programs, which can be effective, but may not be suitable and effectual for every student, as students are not all alike.

  • New off the shelf course library available!

    Keen to start your own online learning business? Come and get access to the hundreds of courses we have now, and the ever growing list of off the shelf e-learning offerings!

  • The Impact Of Gamification On Corporate eLearning

    The Impact Of Gamification On Corporate eLearning Gaming is a normal part of everyday culture. From casual gamers to avid gamers eagerly awaiting the latest major console release, very few people haven’t tried their hand at a game once or twice.

  • Customising your Moodle theme

    Moodle is a powerful open-source platform you can use to manage all your training courses and e-learning needs. But creating engaging courses for your students or employees isn’t just about writing great content. It’s indisputable that content is a critical piece to the learning experience, but how you present the information can be just as important. After all, people’s attention spans are short, and they will disengage from your course material if it doesn’t keep them stimulated.

  • Why eLearning Is Significant For K12 Education

    Information can be relayed in a variety of ways. But increasingly, businesses, organisations, and educational institutions everywhere are turning to eLearning solutions to meet their learning needs.

  • How Built In Authoring Tools Are Increasing Engagement

    Learning management systems (or LMS platforms) come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the needs of your enterprise or organisation. The LMS you choose for your e-learning needs will dictate how you go about creating your courses and the features available to enhance the learning experience.

  • The Best LMS For 2017

    With many LMS options, which is best for your organisation? Scalability, course management, reporting? Questions to ask when considering an LMS in 2017.