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  • Why You Need Training Objectives For Your LMS

    You’re in the process of building your training program for your company, organisation, or institution. There’s a good chance you know what you want to teach your learners. But do you know what you want to accomplish through your training? These are two very different questions

  • Pioneering eLearning With Your Remote Team

    We now live in a global economy. More and more companies are hiring based on talent as opposed to location. Today, the right people with the right experience are often being employed at a distance.

  • 4 Benefits Of Personalised Learning

    Most educators, coaches and trainers would agree – personalised learning is the best type of learning.

  • Why eLearning Is Impacting The Way You Do Business

    The cost of corporate training is steadily rising. Per eLearning Industry, spending for corporate training was $70 billion in the US and $130 billion worldwide in 2013. In 2014, these numbers increased by 10%. Between 2015 and 2016, spending for learning and development in the UK increased by 10% for big companies and 16% for smaller ones.

  • How Storyboards Help K-12 With eLearning

    Storyboards are most commonly associated with video production projects such as music videos and movies.

  • There Is More To Moodle Than Meets The Mind

    Moodle is an exceptional tool for course authors. It’s free, open source, intuitive to use, and highly customisable.

  • 5 Tips For eLearning Design

    When it comes to building eLearning training programs, there are many considerations. The content must be well-presented and targeted to your audience. The courses must contain the exact information the learners need at the specific point they’re at in their learning journey. In addition, you can’t forget about the importance of design.

  • The Value Of eLearning For K12

    eLearning can be applied to a variety of situations – in the corporate environment, in healthcare, in K12 education, and more.