Many of the people we speak with across Australia and beyond have constantly asked us about making customisations to their online learning management system.  This is the stage where they go on to tell us that as soon as they mention this their e-learning vendor either goes to ground or comes back with a reply as to how incredibly expensive this is going to be.

At eCreators we’ve had several years of experience across a range of Learning Management Systems from Moodle, to SABA, to SumTotal to Southrock and beyond; and there’s one thing we can tell you.  There is no one size fits all solution for anyone.

Over the past several months, our dedicated elearning developers headed by our very own super talented Sandeep Gill have put this to the task.  This research and development has allowed us to provide an increased level of customisation and flexibility to the already great platform, eCreators Academy.  What’s more is, our customisations are included in our LMS hosting fee.

Our Custom E-Learning Packages

As of July 1st this year, we have customised our packages to include the following – something our competitors envy:

Here all all of the items that are Included in your LMS hosting fee:

– Our unique new front end graphic user interface

– Free branding and theming

– Free customisations

– Free business hour telephone support

– Free upgrades

Many Australian organisations have already taken up the offering to host their Learning Management System on eCreators supported, secure and reliable platform.  If you’re looking to change your LMS, change your e-learning vendor, or are completely new to e-learning, try our 30 day free trial. It gives you the chance to try our systems and to try our dedicated support.

CONTACT US TODAY. Give us a call on 1300 913 112 for a free consultation!

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