eCreators are proud to announce our new partnership with Edvergent Learning, developers of the Converge LMS.

As a leading Moodle Partner, eCreators will now offer Coverage LMS throughout Australia and South East Asia.

About Converge Learning Management System:
Converge Learning Management System, powered by Edvergent Learning, was built by teachers specifically for the K-12 learning environment. Our vision is to bring learners together through an intuitive interface that propels blended and online instruction. Converge allows teachers and students to easily communicate, collaborate, and create without the boundaries of the traditional classroom.

Coupled with best-in-class service and training support by expert teachers who have taught in 1:1 environments, Converge offers a superior LMS solution.

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Moodle can proudly boast it has more than 90 million users across the world.

Moodle is a highly customisable open-source course-building tool and learning management system.

Course creators and tutors can tweak to their heart’s content, preparing course material that is both engaging and informative for their students or employees.

But unless you know exactly how to unlock the platform’s full potential, there’s a good chance you’re leaving many stones unturned. Poor implementation can deliver poor results. Even a simple application like a word processor tends to have more functions than you are aware of or even need, and you’re probably only using about 20% of its features most of the time. Moodle can be a lot like that too.

So, how can you get more from Moodle? What can you do to create a better learning experience for your community of learners?

Understand How Scalable Moodle Is

Many authors of training programs simply don’t understand how powerful and scalable Moodle is. Certainly, you can use it in a smaller corporate or educational setting, but it can also handle thousands of users effortlessly.

Moodle can serve your entire organisation’s educational and learning needs. Though you may currently be using it to host one or two training programs, it’s good to know that it can handle so much more than that, and can grow with you. In the past eCreators have delivered platforms that service 100’s of thousands of users on scalable architecture and smaller sites on shared architecture.

Take Advantage Of Plugins

Plugins are standalone software components that can enhance the functionality of Moodle. There are hundreds of Moodle plugins available depending on what you’re trying to accomplish and how you’re looking to extend Moodle’s existing functions.

From plugins that allow you to create welcome messages for new users, to ones that help you keep track of learner attendance, there’s plenty to choose from. If you can’t find the exact function or setting you’re looking for within Moodle, it’s worth checking the plugin library to see if you can easily add the functionality you need. Alternatively, eCreators can create custom plugins for you if one doesn’t exist.

Integrate Moodle With Other Tools

The problem with using multiple pieces of software in your organisation is that they won’t always talk to each other and sync properly. This generally isn’t a problem with Moodle, which can integrate with many popular enterprise solutions like Oracle, SalesForce, and SugarCRM. There are many other integration options that can help you add to the overall learning experience of your students or trainees, or help you track crucial data. Popular Student Management Systems is just one example.

Treat Moodle As Your All-In-One Training Solution

You may be using Moodle only for specific aspects of your organisation, whether it’s onboarding or compliance training. But it is powerful enough to handle more, and could even be your all-in-one training solution.

For instance, you could use it to create competency-based training, workplace safety training, continued education, and much more. No matter what type of organisation you run, Moodle is a flexible solution that can be used for all your training, and even as a tool for building reports, documenting systems, online course development, and more.

With Moodle, you can track CPD points, create certificates award badges – just as a few examples.


Every dollar invested in online training results in $30 in productivity.

When you dig beneath the surface, you may find Moodle to be more than you initially bargained for. As a course authoring and management tool, it is incredibly flexible and powerful. It can be used in practically any industry or organisation. Its features can be extended with the use of plugins and integrations. It’s accommodating of just about any size of business, organisation or institution.

It’s available in many different languages.
Getting more from Moodle is a simple matter of understanding what it’s capable of. Setting aside time for experimentation can also lead to innovation and learning breakthroughs.
If you’d like to talk more Moodle, call us today to discuss what problems you’re trying to solve in your learning organisation.