We’ve been receiving a common question yesterday, so here’s to filling in a few blanks for you!


1.What’s this new acronym I need to learn? 

I know, we’ve heard it before. Let’s create an acronym thats so difficult to understand that it needs a manual. LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability. Say that at a BBQ and you’re own your own. Know what it does and you may make a friend or two.

2. So what does LTI allow me to do?

OK, lets say you have a existing Learning Management System. From that Learning Management System you want to be able to share content to another Learning Management System. It might be a partner, a customer, anyone at all.  After you upload your e-learning course, providing your LMS is LTI compatible, you can now allow access to the said course.

3. And that helps me how?

This is the great bit. One of the ways LTI can assist you is to allow you to provide full access to your e-learning course or course library without the course leaving your system.  Let’s say you’re an RTO – maybe even one of our RTO customers. LTI allows your customers to host, manage and/or sell your content from their own platforms. From the customer perspective, they can report, run and view the course just as if it lived on thier own LMS; and; if you ever need to revoke access, you can just pull the plug!

This is just one of the ways LTI can help your business. To see a live demo of how it can work, call our Sales team for a demo today.