What is My Team?

My Team is a feature we created for eCreator’s Moodle theme, Learnbook, as a response to customer feedback lamenting the difficulty they had empowering managers within their organisation to monitor their team’s learning progress.

What can I do with My Team?

With ‘My Team’, managers can see the learning progress of their team members at a glance.

That means, they can log into Learnbook and with a single click, get a snapshot of the learning progress of everyone they manage, including a handy progress bar.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.53.55 pm

Managers can drill down further by clicking on a team member’s learning profile.

They’ll get visibility right down to the activity level and be able to send messages to members of their team  directly from the LMS.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 2.05.37 pm


How do I set it up?

My Team works through system context cohorts. For managers to get visibility, you’ll need to make them Cohort Managers.

system context cohorts


Ok, great! How do I create system context cohorts?

You can create these cohorts in accordance with your organisation’s structure by going to:

Site administration > Users > Accounts > cohorts

1. Select the ‘Add new cohort’ tab.

2. Name your cohort.

3. Make sure your cohort is created within a system context by selecting the ‘System’ dropdown option in the Context field.

4. Create a Cohort ID (especially important if you’re going to add users to cohorts in bulk via CSV).

add a new cohort

If you are creating many cohorts, it might be more convenient for you to add cohorts in bulk.
Read more about how you can do this here.


How do I add users to Cohorts?

You can do this one user at a time or in bulk.

One at a time:

You can add users to a cohort by going to:

Site administration > Users > Accounts > cohorts

1. Click on the ‘add user’ icon next to the cohort you’d like to add users

2. Find users in the potential users space and add them to the cohort using the ‘Add’ button

In bulk:

You can users in bulk in two ways:

Via Bulk User Actions –

You can add users to cohort in bulk by going to:

Site administration > Users > Accounts > Bulk User Actions

1. Create a filter to search for the users you want
2. Add them to the selected users list
3. Add the selected user(s) to a cohort

use filter to search for your users


Via CSV –

You can upload a CSV which lists your users, adding a cohort field to automatically add them to a cohort using a Cohort ID.

Find out more about building your CSV here.


Finally, how do I add a Cohort Manager?

To add someone as a Cohort Manager, go to their profile and select ‘Edit profile’.

edit profile

In the field, ‘Cohort Manager’ add the cohort you’d like them to be the manager of.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 5.07.12 pm


Once they’ve been made a Cohort Manager, Managers will be able to go to ‘My Team’ and see the progress of their cohort!

final image


We hope you enjoy discovering ‘My Team’! Let us know how you go –  [email protected]


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