eCreators are pleased to announce that we are now an official Samsung Partner. This move is a part of our ongoing mobile and VR strategy and allows us to recommend and supply Samsung hardware to our local and international clients.  eCreators can now look after both the hardware and software side of elearning mobility, providing a range of tablets, headsets and 3D cameras.

Some of this technology will be on display at our upcoming conferences in Melbourne and Sydney where consumers will be able to get hands on with this cutting edge tech, and, see our latest Moodle and Learnbook products interacting with them. In addition, we will be showcasing our latest content offerings, where our responsive design will be on display.

We look forward to seeing you at the Travel Industry Exhibition in Sydney and Melbourne, and the Moodle Moot’s in Perth and New Zealand this year!

There’s an app for just about everything now. What we’re starting to notice here at eCreators though our own research and by chatting to our clients is that this is changing.

Just like weeding out the cupboards during spring cleaning, we’re weeding out the apps we use on a day to day basis – if I haven’t touched it in 6 months – I’m getting rid of it!

Well – here’s a keeper – the Moodle App.

There’s not a great deal of apps out there that work seamlessly with your LMS, but this one’s great (all bias taken away!)

With the Moodle App, you can:


  • Take Photos
  • Record Video
  • Record Audio


And a big one – complete your courses offline, by downloading them to your mobile device, both Samsung and Apple.


This has proven hugely popular with many Moodle users. Some of our customers record video blogs with their mobile phones and upload them to their Moodle site. Others use the photo feature to run internal competitions – best is, its all instant.

Any video, audio or images you capture are instantly uploaded to the LMS.

One other grand advantage of the Moodle app is the ability to brand it in your own colours. This mean’s your app can appear on the App Store and be nicely dressed in your company brand where you can charge for it, or have it freely downloadable.

If you’d like to find out more about the Moodle app click here. And, if you’d like it enabled on your site, give us a call!

eLearning in the outback…Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, with regions that are incredibly remote and isolated.

Traditionally, students who lived in these areas had to communicate with their teachers via radio (remember those old TV shows about the School of the Air?!) and assessment tasks were sent by snail mail. When a student is physically isolated from their teacher, it’s an obstacle to learning that’s not easily overcome…until eLearning came along.

Thankfully, eLearning has transformed what used to be called ‘distance education’. Not only does it provide effective and efficient online learning tools for students and teachers, it is a far more engaging and interactive experience, especially when using tools like Moodle.

By simulating the traditional classroom experience online, eLearning creates a superior environment in which to study. Imagine an electronic whiteboard and video call that students can tune in and out of, where they can ask questions and share thoughts. It really is the perfect way to bring learners from far flung corners together and foster peer-to-peer development of concepts and ideas.

Another great plus of eLearning for remote students is its ease and immediacy; there’s a wealth of current information at their fingertips. Long gone are the days of outdated literature and hours spent at the library with an encyclopaedia! Assessments can be completed, submitted and marked online, meaning that results, feedback and (if necessary) resubmission can all happen so much faster.

There are also great benefits for parents of students. eLearning provides a line of communication with their child’s teacher and the ability to log in to track their child’s progress and grades. Moodle even includes live chat functionality.

eLearning is also suitable for remote students with special needs or different learning requirements. The online platform allows teachers to tailor lesson content specifically for a particular student and, if the student needs extra time to complete, allow the teacher to easily track progress.

It’s a fact… living in the outback is no longer an obstacle to getting a great education!

Be sure to check out the new Moodle app for Android and Apple which allows you to also take your courses offline.