It’s here!

eCreators are pleased to announce the arrival of its first newborn, LearnBook. The LearnBook theme for the Moodle LMS is a layer of functionality that has been created to sit upon the core code of the outstanding Moodle LMS.

Learnbook offers its customers a level of functionality and design not offered by other Learning Management System. The Learnbook product also packs in some other great features that combine to make this Moodle LMS one that is already gaining rapid uptake.

With Learnbook you can:

  1. Track all e-learning across your business
  2. Track all classroom training across your business
  3. Report on all training across your business
  4. Receive payments for training across your business
  5. Learnbook can issue certificates to your learners
  6. Send notification reminders to your learners
  7. Allow you to manage your teams
  8. Talk to your HR and other systems
  9. Track individual employee performance across your organisation
  10. Allow users to rate content
  11. Allow you to create blogs, wiki’s and surveys
  12. All of this comes is accessible via the Learnbook dashboard

Learnbook is sold as SAAS (Software as a Service) and comes backed by eCreators coveted support.

Learnbook comes with a range of packages to suit all budgets and has both annual subscription and month to month options allowing you to scale the offerings to suit the needs of your business. This level of flexibility allows you to modify your plan depending on the requirements you may have on a month to month basis.


Give us a call on 1300 913 112 to arrange a LMS website demo.