Hi All,

Great to see some warm weather upon us.  Just makes you feel better doesn’t it?

We’ve had a very busy year the team @ eCreators and we’ve made a range of changes to our business to keep things moving along adding value to our existing client base and expanding further into new territory. It’s great to see our customers have stuck by us and we thank you for your support – some of you have been with us since day one, and that’s just a beautiful thing as we approach our 6 years in operation.

So what’s been happening around the traps?


eCreators becomes a Docebo VAR!

You might have heard that we’ve added a second LMS offering to our shelves. To compliment our expanding business in the Moodle customisation space we looked at the market to find a suitable product that would allow customers to have an option.  After reviewing several open and closed source Learning Management Systems, Docebo LMS came up trumps.

Sandy and Dean headed over to Milan to meet the owners of the company and some of their key personnel and were thoroughly impressed by their approach, plans for the product and its overall functionality and design.

Dean spent most of his time with the Sales, Marketing and Training team while Sandy tackled the techos. In all it was a sucessful trip and we even managed to sneak in a bit of fun 🙂

Moodle Customisations

The Moodle side of the business has been busy. Really busy. More and more of our customers are looking at their systems and coming up with great ideas as to what they might want them to look like and how they might want them to function. Well. We’ve been listening and Sandy and the team have been performing some magic acts!  Some of the LMS websites we are now deploying are unlike anything you may have seen before and we’re quite proud of them too!  If you’re looking at making any changes, let us know and we can showcase some of the great Moodle customisations we’ve completed recently.

Customer Upgrades

For all existing customers, an upgrade will be coming out shortly. We’ll be sending out individual communications on this soon, so stay tuned!

Articulate Software and Training

eCreators are now an Authorised Reseller of Articulate Software and can offer some great deals when bundled with Articulate Training. Check out our new one day Articulate Storyline Training, available on a regular basis in all Australian Capital cities and some regional areas – from zero to hero in one day! The training also comes with our free help desk support and a whole heap of goodies and free company templates.

New Staff Member

We have a new eCreator onboard, Byron. Byron comes from a very artistic background, he used to own an art gallery!  Byron is now responsible for front end LMS design and visual design in our e-learning courses – some of the material he’s creating is just awesome – let us know if you want to check out some of the new gear in the portfolio.  Byron has skills in Photoshop, Flash, Storyline and many other tools and is an avid techo and passionate educator like the rest of us.

Just a brief update before the BIG Christmas one where we’ve got a few more surprises under the tree – but they can wait til Christmas!


Take Care!
Dean and the team @ eCreators