Hi All!

Firstly, sorry for the tardy news update – I don’t know what happened to Feb!

Well eCreators are off to another big start to the year with several new clients on board taking on our e-learning content and online Learning Management Systems with great gusto!

Also, we moved – it seems we get an itch every 2 years and we’ve followed suit again in 2012.  The North Melbourne move allows us to be more centrally located to our customers in the Melbourne CBD, closer to the airport for our interstate customers and visitors and gives us a more functional space with plenty of room to expand – so we’re staying put!  We’ll be sure to post some photos once we’re completely bumped in.

Articulate Training

Our ever popular Articulate Training courses are still going strong and receiving rave reviews from all who attend – we’re getting enquiries from as far away as Fiji – no shortage of volunteers there! The curriculum is currently going through some change as we provide more focus on the design side of things in PowerPoint, incorporating all of the wonderful things that make Articulate Studio so great.

Call Sophie on 1300 913 112 to book your sessions. We’re also working on an Articulate Master Class for those wanting to take things to the next step. This includes, video production, flash animation and some other surprises.

For those of you new to Articulate who haven’t tested the water yet, feel free to sign up to our website for one of the free Articulate training webinars to give you an overview of the product.

501 Compliance and JAWS

We’re getting an ever increasing amount of requests to be 501 compliant and we’re happy to say, we’ve answered the call.  eCreators now ensure all content we create (upon request) is 501 compliant using the JAWS tool.  Many organistations we work with have diverse workforces which can make great use of this tool to enable their content to be shared by all. If you’d like a demo on how this great software works, please contact us. The software, JAWS enables all content on the screen to be read back to the learner and to explain any of the elements on display.


Articulate Development

Articulate Development is going out of control!  Many of our customers are loving that we can do all the hard work, then they take away a fantastic looking e-learning product that comes complete with all the source files that they can manipulate as much as they like.  It’s always been the intention of eCreators to increase internal capability within organisations to empower them to create their own content and eCreators are developing a reputation for producing awesome content with Articulate software. Let us know if you want a sneak look at our portfolio and if you want to know more!


2012 Plans


Most of our plans for this year revolve around Learnbook – the new Learning Management System we’ve been so busily working on.  As you know, we’ve bundled this with a copy of Articulate Studio so all organisations can now have complete capability and have all their services and support from a single vendor!

LMS customisations

You should see some of the things Sandy is producing. The new blocks are just out of this world and the themes amazing.  We really are taking it to the next level. Give Sandy a call on 1300 913 112 and ask for a demo or a test drive to see some of the great new blocks we’ve produced.


The online marketplace is soon to launch. Here you will find custom Articulate skins, PowerPoint templates, custom PowerPoint interactions, Moodle Themes, Articulate training courses, and off the shelf courseware available soon. I know many of you are excited and so are we – watch this space.

Look forward to meeting with you all soon!


Dean and the team @ eCreators 🙂