Moodle Development and Customisation Services

eCreators are setting the pace in high end Moodle Customisation. eCreators provides custom development services to its clients based on the object oriented Moodle application which is an open source e-learning solution famous for excellence in e-learning management. Our proficient team of Moodle elearning developers are experts in their field and has the expertise and knowledge in integrating any third party applications is a specialty. We are highly experienced with the issues that are required to be considered while incorporating the system and are capable of providing Moodle development services and important strategic advice.

Moodle Theme Design and Integration

Our elearning developers have a thorough understanding of Moodle theme design. Whether you require a brand new design or need to manage your existing design, we can serve you with all your requirements through our highly praised Moodle design services. We are skilled in designing unique personalised websites based on Moodle that display a magnificent image and the feel of the corporate identity. Our themes are unique, modern and a complete makeover over the standard Moodle interface – additionally, we introduce amazing functionality.

Moodle Customisation Services

Our vast collection of services in Moodle LMS Development can give out a variety of functionalities that are designed on the basis of the core structure of your business strategy. We are consistently developing modules and extensions to meet all our clients’ e-learning application requirements.

Moodle Module / Plug-in Development

We provide a great range of Moodle development services from adding a special feature to your Moodle application to incorporating Moodle LMS with another system in your local environment. Whether it be a payroll system or external database, eCreators can get your systems talking. Our dedicated developers modularly construct Moodle and can easily expand it by creating plug-ins for new functionality.

The Australian Instructional Design Conference is just around the corner and we hope to see you there!

The event is intended for learning professionals working in corporate, government and academic settings. If you have a solid working knowledge of Instructional Design principles, processes and terminology and have some experience applying them to the design of learning, then this course is for you!