eCreators are Australia’s premier provider of Articulate Training in Australia. Over the years a large collection of organisations have attended our Articulate Training sessions right across Australia. As a value add to our offering we also provide all participants with free access to our Australian Help Desk and a free master slide set branded in your organisation’s corporate colours to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Our Articulate training classes are solidly booked right across Australia. Book now on 1300 913 112!  Also, don’t forget to join our new Linkedin community. Join us by searching for Articulate Australia User Group.

We’ve been busily creating new blocks for all of your Moodle based products. Our latest block is the ‘communications’ block. This block can be easily added to your Moodle LMS and allows for you to have a one stop shop for all of your LMS global communication requirements. If you’d like a demo, please give us a call and see how these blocks for Moodle LMS work.

Also ask about our easy to use blocks for some powerful reporting capability!

Great to see some clear weather down here in Melbourne!

eCreators are still busily testing the new Articulate Storyline beta and we continue to be impressed! The already great Articulate Studio tool is in good company with this new offering. Some great new features are being incorporated and we’re sure you’ll be impressed with some of its output capability.

With a release date towards the end of the year, we’ll be sure to keep you informed and to advise of scheduled training for the new Articulate product. If your e-learning developers haven’t tried this great tool, download the free demo from the Articulate website and call us on 1300 913 112 for training session availability.



eCreators will soon be presenting at the ElNet Melbourne Congress. eCreators will be discussing the topic ‘Getting economies of scale from your eLearning budget’.

Details of the Congress are as follows:

Date: Friday October 14

Location: Grand Chancellor Hotel, 131 Lonsdale St. Melbourne

Presentation Time: 3:45-4:30pm

See the congress website for further details

We hope to see you there!


I wanted to take the time to talk this week about e-learning vendor selection. It may sound strange that a vendor of e-learning would address this but us eCreators have also been users and purchasers of e-learning products and technology for many years too, which allows us to provide some insight.

Many of the customers that either begin Moodle hosting with us, or transfer LMS hosting to us from another provider, often talk of the difficulty of working with multiple vendors. Here are some of the main issues they speak of, and some of the things that are food for thought when you’re considering selecting an e-learning vendor.

1. Does the provider provide both e-learning content and LMS hosting?

2. Does your e-learning vendor provide telephone support?

3. Have you checked to see if your e-learning vendor is a trusted company and not just a one or two man show working from home – this is an important one as you need to look at business risk and what happens to your valuable data if that company is to fall over.

4. Are the systems compatible? You need to ensure that the content you create, or have created is going to work well on your Learning Management System. An e-learning vendor who can provide both will more than likely be able to provide you with a robust solution to ensure just that.

5. Is your data hosted onshore? There are many Learning Management System providers that use offshore providers that use offshore hosting and hide this in the small print. There may be privacy concerns for your organisation, and, if the service is hosted off-shore, shouldn’t some of the savings be passed onto you?


There are many more reasons you should consider when selecting your e-learning vendor – these are just the top 5. For more information please contact us on 1300 913 112.

Did you know that eCreators run an Articulate Studio help desk for Australia and New Zealand? As a part of our course fee when you take an Articulate Training course we offer you and your staff free access to our Articulate support desk in Australia from 9AM to 5PM.  No question is too big or too small!  We also offer casual support plans to organisations that just need straight out Articulate Training Support in Australia.  Best of all, you speak to a person – no tickets!