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The Best Method For Online Training

You are aware of the power of online training, and you’re looking to implement it within your organisation

You are aware of the power of online training, and you’re looking to implement it within your organisation or business.

But what is the best method for delivering the information? What information do you need to convey to your leaners and students? What tools should you use to achieve the desired result?

These are highly nuanced questions, because it depends entirely on the situation and the goals you have in mind. Your target audience is one of the top considerations, but beyond that, you’ll also need to think about authoring tools, what learning management system to use, the information you need to include in the training, and much more.

Here are a few guiding questions that can help you cut to the core of the matter.

Who Is Your Audience & What Are Their Learning Needs?

You can’t create an effective training program without first developing a clear understanding of your audience.

Are they building upon a foundation of knowledge and experience, or are they starting from scratch? What skills do they already possess, and what skills do they need to learn? What is the minimum amount of information that needs to be a part of the course, and what pieces could be left out for the sake of simplicity?

Effective online training begins with assessing the needs of your leaners. This can also help with selecting a learning management system to manage your training program.

How Will Your Students Or Employees Be Learning?

Will your learners be able to attend classes too, or will they only be engaging in eLearning?

A blended learning approach can be highly effective, and is fast becoming the preferred approach. But in today’s globally connected world, this may be a wish more than a reality.

If your learners are going to be using their smartphones and tablets to consume the information, you’ll want to ensure you’re using authoring tools that are mobile responsive. If they’re going to be learning at desktop computers, this may not be an important factor.

What Features Do You Need To Create The Best Learning Experience Possible?

Different authoring tools have different features. Depending on your focus and how you plan to present the information, it may be necessary to research your options and find the perfect fit for your training needs.

Though most learning management systems contain many of the same features across the board, to say they are the same would be a lie. Some are meant for rapid course creation. Others are strong in gamification and weaker in other areas. It’s necessary to assess your needs and match them up against the tools available.

Why Are You Looking To Offer Online Training?

This question will help you dig deeper into the reason behind the training program you’re creating, and what you hope to achieve with it.

Creating for the wrong reasons ends up wasting your precious time and resources. As much as possible, courses should only be created when necessary. And even then, you should still leverage other pertinent resources when you can, and not try to reinvent the wheel.

Answering why also helps your students gain clarity on the importance of the training and what they’re meant to take away from it.

Final Thoughts

Is there a best method for online training?

The answer is that there is only what’s best for you and your learners.

After considering the many factors involved, you may not find a “perfect fit”. But you should find a solution that closely matches your needs and gets the job done.

Use the above questions as a starting point, and think carefully about what else you might need to gain clarity on before choosing a method.

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