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How An E-Learning Portal Works

Not a confident internet user but want to learn something online? Read on! E-learning is just like classroom learning,

Not a confident internet user but want to learn something online? Read on!

E-learning is just like classroom learning, except it’s from the comfort of your own chair – or couch!  Online learning has revolutionised the lives of students; it means anyone, anywhere can access the most up to date and relevant information at any time.

E-learning can work as a virtual classroom, where students and teachers can communicate with ease no matter where they are in the world. But it also means that students don’t have to be in a traditional school-style arrangement at all.

You have probably participated in e-learning without realising it. Have you ever engaged with others in a chat room or forum, listened to a podcast of your favourite radio show, teleconferenced or played games online?  If so, you’re already an e-learner.

Whether you’re learning purely online or through blended learning – both online and in the classroom – your e-learning portal is easy to use and simple to manage.

The Moodle learning management system (or Moodle LMS – a fancy name for the portal) keeps track of everything for you.  The first thing you’ll notice is the user friendly dashboard as you log in – the dashboard is like the portal control centre.

Once you’re familiar with the LMS dashboard, the next thing to have a look at are the communication tools.  These will enable you to chat with fellow students, subject matter experts and your teachers.

The Moodle LMS contains all you need to begin, continue and complete your studies. It’ll keep track of what you’ve studied and suggest what you should look at next… meaning you direct your own rapid e-learning.

The Moodle e-learning system also allows you to check your marks, see where you’ve done well and where you can do better.  There’s also an exportable calendar, so you can record deadlines and assignment due dates and make that work with your other personal activities.

In short, your e-learning system is an effective, efficient and exciting way to study or teach…you can create a personal study space and connect to others when you want to.

And of course, by choosing a Moodle e-learning portal with eCreators, you have access to prompt, expert support when and if you need it. So give us a call to discuss how we can make rapid e-learning work for you!

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