How Built In Authoring Tools Are Increasing Engagement

Learning management systems (or LMS platforms) come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the needs

How Built In Authoring Tools Are Increasing Engagement

Learning management systems (or LMS platforms) come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the needs of your enterprise or organisation.

The LMS you choose for your e-learning needs will dictate how you go about creating your courses and the features available to enhance the learning experience.

Having more features than you need is not a bad thing, because you may end up using them later. But having too few could make your course authoring efforts unscaleable. This makes choosing an LMS an important step in setting up your e-learning program.

Here are several ways in which built-in authoring tools can help you boost student engagement, and features to look out for.


People love playing games. The great thing about e-learning is that it offers the opportunity for you to turn learning programs into game-like experiences.

You can take advantage of people’s natural inclination to drive towards achieving specific goals, competing, and collaborating with each other by utilizing built-in gamification features.

Walls of texts, long training videos, and repetitive summaries may be necessary at times, but they can slow down learning and bore your students. Take advantage of leaderboards, point accumulation, competitions, and other gamification elements to make learning more fun.

Forums/Discussion Boards

People love to learn together in a safe and inclusive environment. Forums allow your students to talk to each other, ask and answer questions, learn from each other, and deepen their understanding of the training material.

Discussion boards can also encourage more collaboration between team members. It’s easy for people to isolate and to become self-dependent, but given the opportunity, many would willingly participate in discussions, especially if the platform itself encourages it.

For some learners, it can also be beneficial to gain the perspective of multiple people. Everyone has different learning and teaching styles, so when a concept is explained in more than one way, it can improve their understanding of it.

Progress Indicators

Let’s say a student is working their way through a course. They’re about 70% of the way through, but they’re starting to get bored. If they had known they were close to finishing, they may have powered through, but because they were disengaged, they stopped and didn’t come back to the course until much later. That’s not great for learning or retention.

But what if there was a progress bar showing how far they had come in the module or course? People like to feel like they are working towards something. They feel a sense of accomplishment as they complete each step in the program.

This is also a good reason to keep your modules short and digestible. Your students will feel like they are making progress and learning a lot when they can see exactly how far into the course they are.


Maybe one of your students is enjoying a specific course. Giving them the ability to quickly and easily share this content with other learners is an easy way to boost engagement.

If the courses are paid, then you could offer a discount or a coupon for those who choose to share the training program with others. There are many incentives you could offer for sharing, but the point is to create a valuable learner-driven experience.

Final Thoughts

How familiar are you with your LMS and its built-in authoring features? Are you taking advantage of them?

When your courses are informative and engaging, course completion rates will go up, and your learners will retain more of the information they consume. Building an effective course requires intentionality on your part, but the results will be worth the effort.

Unlock the full potential of your LMS to create better learning experiences.

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