9 Great E-learning Content Development Tools

LMS content development can be a long and arduous process depending on what you’re looking to help your

Content development can be a long and arduous process depending on what you’re looking to help your users achieve.

That’s why you need to be working with the right content development tools. They can make your life a lot easier by driving up efficiency and productivity, enhancing your designs, and adding the right functionality to your training courses.

Whether you’re finding content development to be a struggle, or you’re just looking for ways to improve your processes, here are nine great e-learning content development tools that will help you take your course-making efforts to the next level.

  1. iSpring Suite

If you’ve ever wanted to take your PowerPoint presentations and turn them into e-learning courses, you’ll love iSpring Suite, which also acts as a Learning Management System (LMS). iSpring Suite also offers plenty of course templates and themes, backgrounds, and more.

iSpring can integrate with popular LMS platforms, including Moodle.

  1. Raptivity

Raptivity can be used in conjunction with content authoring tools like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. It comes with over 190 customizable interactions, can be used on Windows or a Mac, and can integrate with Moodle, Blackboard, and other known LMS platforms.

  1. H5P

If you’re looking for a free-to-use, open-source authoring tool, you’ve found it. H5P can even be used as a plugin for Moodle or WordPress.

H5P offers support for a variety of content types, and is also mobile friendly.

  1. Adobe Captivate

A well-recognized name in photography and design, Adobe’s Captivate is loved by many e-learning authors.

With Captivate, you can storyboard your courses, tap into a large interactions library, and create your courses quickly and easily with their user-friendly interface.

  1. Obsidian Black

With Obsidian Black, you can sync voiceovers with text, images, and animation. This makes the creation of video content a breeze. Obsidian Black is compatible with most popular LMS solutions.

Since project members and clients can leave comments and reviews on your courses, you can easily collect feedback to help you improve future iterations or training programs.

  1. BranchTrack

Many well-known brands and companies utilize and trust BranchTrack for their e-learning needs. That shouldn’t come as a surprise – it boasts a robust set of features, such as tracking and reporting, gamification, and even built-in characters and backgrounds for your hypothetical scenarios.

BranchTrack is also mobile ready.

  1. Area9 Learning

Area9 Learning is a cloud-based authoring tool, LMS, and reporting program. It handles a variety of content types, including 3D models and simulations. Since the platform is cloud-based, you can make real time updates to your courses, and collecting feedback is a breeze.

  1. eNetAuthor

Mobile ready and cloud-based, eNetAuthor is built for collaboration. It comes with course templates as well as Smart Objects that allow you to implement multimedia elements with ease. eNetAuthor is also great for those who are either programmers or the more technically inclined, since you can create and insert custom scripts.

  1. Evolve e-Learning Solutions

If you’re worried about trying to cater to different learning styles, then you’ll want to look at Evolve e-Learning Solutions, which makes it easy to integrate videos, flow charts, sliders, and a variety of other multimedia objects in your courses.

Evolve is also highly customizable, with a variety of themes, the ability to tweak how you want pages or menus to look, and more.


Look for tools and solutions that are right for you. Ultimately, no one can tell you which authoring or LMS content development applications are best. It depends on your team size, your resources, your technical knowledge, as well as what you’re comfortable with.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy-to-use solutions available, making it possible for even beginners to get started in course authoring without a lot of fuss.

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