Why should you get excited about e-learning?

Ease of use and accessibility are major benefits but e-learning has many more less obvious benefits over classroom based learning too. E-learning frees up learners and learning in many ways – here are just four.

1. Freedom from the timetable

The classroom space creates a fixed relationship between students and teachers constricted by time, traditional learning roles and institutional spaces. E-learning breaks these constrictions resulting in a greater flow of information.

If you want to study at 3am, you can access course work immediately and from anywhere in the world. It’s quite literally, a world of information at your fingertips!

2. Freedom of communication

E-learning also means instant and multiple means of communication. Submit your completed work online, view and managed your grades and seek feedback from your teachers, discuss work with other students all without having to pick up the phone or trawl through paperwork. Connect instantly with the latest course news, events and updates and check assessment deadlines and requirements.

3. Freedom from distraction

Away from the classroom experience, a student can learn at their own pace, focus on the subject at hand and also access help when it’s needed (rather than having to worry about the class clown making too much noise!). Everyone has a direct channel to the teacher, so it’s not just the loudest ones that get heard.

4. Freedom to go ahead and be challenged

If students want to get ahead and push themselves even further academically, e-learning allows them to hone their skills, and be the best student they can be. In the classroom is it is difficult for the teacher to differentiate the needs of each student and meet them where they are ready to learn. E-learning allows students to dig deeper and go beyond the essential ‘must know’ information in areas where they have a fascination for learning.

If you have any ideas about how e-learning brings freedom to learning compared to the classroom, let us know in the comments!

Implementing a Learning Management System is an exciting move for any learning institution…and it comes with a whole range of benefits!

While the advantages of LMS based learning is pretty long, we’ve narrowed it down to our three favourite wins, and it’s all about ease…

Win 1 – Ease of access
When learning is kept inside a classroom, there are a whole host of limitations schools face. Students and teachers are only available during school hours, work and feedback cannot be accessed at home, and interactions between students and teachers are exclusively on campus.

However, an LMS can connect the institution, students and teachers 24/7. Work can be viewed, downloaded and uploaded at any time and students can ask teachers questions at any time. Being away from the classroom no longer means that learning stops.

Win 2 – Ease of use
While the idea of integrating a new online system can be daunting, a Moodle LMS is actually incredibly easy to set up and use. Systems are able to be customised to your needs, with additional features available on request. Phone support, feedback, and Moodle training are offered as a part of the Learning Management System package, meaning that a custom, easy-to-use system is offered to every customer.

Win 3 – Everyone’s life is made easier
Everyone involved with your institution has something to gain from LMS based learning. Students have access to education material and help from teachers, while teachers are able to manage their classes, grades and monitor student progress and engagement inside and outside the classroom.

Education administrators also benefit from moving things online. It’s easy to keep track of who’s enrolled, who has commenced learning and who is eligible for a qualification. Parents are also able to monitor their child’s progress and be able to keep in touch with the school and the latest news.

So these are our three big wins for a learning management system. If you have any others, please add them to the comments!