Howdy Partners!

If you can say one thing about our team, it’s that we do nothing in halves!

So what goodies do we have for you in 2015?  Because you’ve all been so good, we’ll save them til the end, and just let you know about a few additional heads within the eCreators team.

We welcome to the fold:

  • Sead Aliphasic – Technical Services & Project Manager
  • Greg Boock – Director of Sales
  • Sally Matheson – Operations Manager
  • Ellen Valvasori -Quality Manager
  • Hunain Aslam – Moodle Developer
  • Brendan Farrell – Storyline and Moodle Trainer

This new structure came about as a result of our latest strategic planning session we so can get our internal structure right to better help our clients, improve workflow and increase quality. The results are out!

Virtual Reality

VR is an area eCreators have been dabbling in for some time now. Virtual Reality in education has now become something tangible that can have a great impact on the way learners participate in online learning.  One of the many advantages of VR in education is that the experiences learners can have provide real and tangible emotional responses.  Believe us, when you’re standing on the side of that virtual building with the VR headset on, your brain is telling you to be careful – as though you were really there.

The company Oculus Rift that was recently acquired by Facebook has an online marketplace,, which is full of freshly developed samples of what can be done with the tool.  From fully fledged games, to ‘experiences’ and more importantly, early samples of educational materials.  eCreators can see some great value in the areas of safety, mining and policing, all of which we will be partnering with new and existing clients to create these experiences.

We’re running live demos where you can experience Virtual Reality for yourself and provide us with your thoughts. We’re also speaking about the technology in education right across the country, including running live demos at the upcoming MoodleMoot. We’ll also be speaking at other national events, so keep an eye out for the emails.

We’re looking forward to creating some exciting new content.

Citrix Partner

lms hosting

Citrix is a company we’ve been working with for a number of years and we recently created a plugin which integrates beautifully into Moodle LMS. Citrix produce the GoTo Meeting, GotoTraining and GoToWebinar range of products and eCreators have now produced a Moodle plugin which does everything you need, including:

  • Administrators
  • Create, Update and Delete GoToTraining Sessions within Moodle.
  • Control whether or not reminder emails are sent to leaners.
  • Learners
  • One click button to register for a Webinar.
  • Automatic Reminder Emails sent via Citrix.
  • Tracking
  • Track the percentage of time a Learner participated in the session.
  • Require Learners to participate on greater than 50% of training before progressing course.

LearnBook 2.0

As a Certified Moodle Partner, we’re always looking to make Moodle extra awesome every opportunity we get. This time, we’ve kicked a goal. Dylan, our lead UX designer has been burning the midnight oil and, along with the rest of the technical team, produced a Moodle theme which is second to none. All of the clients that are seeing this product want it. And they want it now. We’ll be showcasing the product at the next Moodle Moot. But here’s a few screens to whet your appetite here:

New Learner Dashboard

The new learner dashboard for the Moodle Theme, Learnbook 2.0 is colourful, intuitive and response across a range of browsers and devices.  You can modify text, images and colours to suit your own style or organisational branding.

New Course Catalogue

The new drop-down course catalogue for Moodle is colour coded, responsive and contains a set of commonly used Administrative shortcuts to make content:

  • Easy to find via an intuitive layout
  • Colour Coded for categories
  • A fast search engine to find the right content
  • Some awesome handy customisable shortcuts for Moodle Administrators that allow you to easily enrol, edit and access the gradebook.

New SCORM Player

If you’re building content for your Moodle LMS and publishing to SCORM, our new SCORM player will rock your world. Clean, scalable and responsive your content has never looked better.


Using Articulate Storyline Online and Want to Migrate to Moodle?

lms hosting

Another great tool from the eCreators engineering workshop is the Articulate Online Migration Tool. This tool has been designed to assist users wishing to migrate their Moodle instance from Articulate Online to Moodle. This script will migrate all historical data from Articulate Online, and:

  • Create all User Profiles
  • Automatically enrol users in a course/s
  • Automatically upload a learners attempt history and mark their grading

If you’re keen to make the move, call our elearning developers today, and be up and running tomorrow!

moodle lms

MoodleMoot 2015

Don’t forget the MoodleMoot is on this year in Melbourne! Be among the best Moodle minds in the world and see the man himself, founder of Moodle, Martin Dougiamis in action. It promises to be a premier event with users from all over the world.  eCreators will be showcasing our own Moodle Themes and Moodle Developments as well as giving you the opportunity to get some hands on with Virtual Reality – showcasing some of our latest developments.

Registration can be made here:

We hope to see clients old and new at this great event!

Chat soon!
Team eCreators